Team Members

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Kameron Loe

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Kameron Loe is a well-rounded business executive and a 14 year recognized veteran professional baseball player who turned to emerging new industry with a new medical devices platform that has turned healing into a passion. From studying communications at California State University Northridge and understanding the business component to where the Association of Professional Ball Players of America has recently appointed Kameron to be on the board with the distinguished panel of eight Hall of Fame greats. It was through his 14 years of doing presentations, charity events, and corporate speeches that grasped the Association ability to targeted and acquire Mr. Loe’s already existing high profile exposure that has now expanded his reach which now influences over 100,000 members. Utilizing his entrepreneurship trade and applying this experience to the medical field, Mr. Loe has become first artificial intelligence guide micro-current technology treatment center in the United States, that is highly attractive to professional athletes from all sports. This highly visited flagship facility has attracted investors globally and internationally, to allow him to flourish invitations of opening future corporate stores and franchise’s with a waiting list. To date, 2500 devices are on back order and growing in demand. Now advancing the corporate structure to opening a series of new and profitable medical technology driven corporations, Mr. Loe is now venturing into a series of new technologies that will now be featured in his new corporate offices including stem cell and exosomes treatments systems, Major Leagues Biologics and the Haloe Vibe device that is now is known globally as the advanced muscular re-education system with a partnership on the patent to solely help moderate the expansion of healing.

Athletic Accolades:

  • NCAA Division 1, Big West Champions (2002)
  • Nolan Ryan award for Texas Rangers minor league pitcher of the year (2004)
  • Unsung Hero award with Milwaukee Brewers (2010)
  • N.L. Central Champion with Milwaukee Brewers (2011)
  • AAA Minor League World Series Champion with Royals affiliate Omaha Storm Chasers (2014)  Pacifico League, Mexican National Champion with Aguilas de Mexicali (2017)

Mr. Loe is a Co-Founder of Haloe Health Inc., a non-invasive pain relief and wellness company that utilizes FDA approved Artificial Intelligence guided medical devices to remove pain and dis-ease from the body. He is currently Director of Current Player Services and sits on the board of directors for APBPA with Tony LaRussa, Dusty Baker, Mike Seoscia and other HOF baseball legends. Mr. Loe sits on the advisory boards for:

  • Extreme Focus - A mental strength and performance company with a focus on exceeding one’s potential in business and high level athletics
  • - A baseball focused talent and recruiting platform that helps evaluate young players and connects them with college and professional opportunities
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Cody Loe

Co-Founder & Chief of Energy

Cody Loe is a former US Men's Olympic Volleyball player and collegiate athlete, as well as coach, teacher, and mentor. His experience includes many high school and club teams; both men’s and women’s, Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America, as well as ten years of teaching in the children’s ministry of his church in Reseda, California. He attended his hometown college of California State University, Northridge where he helped to achieve the university’s first-ever, national ranking of #1 for a sports program. He also earned the titles of National Freshman of the Year and All-American for his time as an athlete there. In high school, Cody was a key proponent in two of four simultaneous city championships, receiving the honors of MVP and player of the year multiple times and was featured in the LA Times sport section. In his senior year of 05’-06’ he was selected for the J-A2 youth training program at the Colorado Springs Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2009 he began training with the US Men’s National team and in 2011 was selected to compete in the Pan American games for team USA.

Upon retiring from sports, Mr. Loe began a career in the application and sales of medical modalities, spurred by sustaining a would-be, career-ending injury that was rectified by use of such medical devices. In 2014, he quickly became the nation’s lead trainer of Intelligent Microcurrent Technologies to MD’s, veterinarians and they lay person alike. He has since been at the forefront of education and exposure of IMT and is dedicated to bringing awareness in the form of true health to the world. Mr. Loe resides in Phoenix, AZ along with his brother and business partner Kameron Loe.

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Dr. Jerry Frawley

Business Development

Dr. Frawley has had a very important role in the development and an owner of 19 medical offices in Arizona, Utah and Nevada. After selling his shares, proceeded into the gaming world and was positioned as the Director of Operations for an international casino. For the past 25 years owned and operated full production studio and broadcast networks where the latest creation is a 24 hour news network and a new channel called Alternative Health TV network shared with 300 plus of the world’ best alternative doctor network. With experience covering National and International business and medical relationships, expansion will be a positive transition for obtain locations, growth and United Nations approvals to increase global awareness. Throughout the past 30 years, he has established strategic high powered financial contacts and elite medical relationships that will contribute to the Haloe Health positioning nationally and internationally.

Ace Media Broadcasting is a full production and broadcast company with over 25 plus years of creating content, films, tv shows and series as well as thousands of commercials for clients globally. Now the Company has electrified these precious years of experience and development to be able to present the delivery of a television broadcast network and channel platform. Ace Media Broadcasting is pleased to present the powerful and user friendly, Blend TV App (available by subscription only at This new app delivers insightful, interesting, simplified, and digestible new channels for a starving consumer, for the demanding public's need for "The Now" entertainment programming, and for the ever expanding audience of television watching addicts. The team has the experience and personal relationships to get vibrant content, make new content, and to educate a broad audience with high impact programming resources to the growing masses of television enthusiasts. Through the plethora of television channels available and growing, Ace Media Broadcasting is now being accepted by the United Nations to enter into multiple continents, ensuring its ability to capture the bulk of television watching viewers. We are now in production for a new television show being added in March 2020 called the Haloe AI Experience, which will be airing in 195 countries to ensure the branding and technology are properly branded with a successful matrix of growth potential.