Wellness Sessions

Haloe Health Wellness protocols focusses on your overall well-being and relief from daily aches and pains. From headaches to sore feet, respiratory issues to digestion and everything in between, wellness sessions are your answer to daily health.

Please note due to rising insurance and property cost increases we have had to re-adjust our pricing to reflect the market value.We have provided discounts to help offset the pricing.Specialized Financing is being integrated to further assist.Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to helping you get healthy.

$297 Single 30 Minute Session

Pain Relief

Elbow • Knee • Shoulder • Hands • Feet • Back

$297 Single 30 Minute Session

Head & Neck Tune-up

Balance • Clarity • Focus • Headache • Migraine

$297 Single 30 Minute Session

Full Spinal Tune-up

Systemic Wellness • Nero Musclular Circulation  • Nerve Pain Reduction k

$297 Single 30 Minute Session

Digestive Boost

Gut Health • Stomach • Acid Reflux

$297 Single 30 Minute Session

Full Body Energy

Head to Toe Wellness

  • Biofeedback regulated microcurrent is responsive to the precise condition of cells comprising the tissue placed between any two electrodes at any given time.  Using impedance monitoring, the degree of resistance is evaluated and revealed to the Operator on a digital (numerical) display and by auditory (sound) feedback.
  • During stimulation, biologically compatible AC (Alternating Current) micro-amperage level currents are conducted into the tissue. (Micro-Amperage is the actual measurement of the force of electrical currents generated by and moving through living tissue.)